Friday, September 9, 2011

Ouch! My feet are hurting me!

Did you know that poor fitting shoes can cause more than just foot pain?

Back, knee and ankle pain can result from improper support under your feet. 

About 70% of the population have something called pronation syndrome. Pronation is the result of collapsed arches causing excessive twisting in the foot. This twisting results in overstretched connective tissue (fascia) under the foot and leads to structural imbalance in the ankle, knees and low back. The excessive stretching can also cause micro tears in the bottom of the foot leading to heel spurs and plantar fasciitis. 

At Brio Integrative Health Centre, we offer customized orthotics to help correct a variety of foot, knee and back pain. 
Customized orthotics are specifically designed to fit your unique foot shape and for a specific activity (golf, walking, badminton, or skating for example). Come in to speak with Dr. Lee to learn how we can help ease your pain.

September is the best time to purchase new shoes because of the "back to school" sales. If you have new footwear or If you have any foot, knee or back pain, please be sure to come in to the clinic and speak with us to ensure you have the correct fit and support.


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