Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Low Level Laser Therapy & Lymphedema

I have treated a variety of Lymphedema cases in my practice using acupuncture and naturopathic medicine.  However, recently, I have found that low level laser therapy is far superior to previous methods at reducing swelling around the ankles and legs.

Lymphedema occurs when the lympathic channels are blocked, causing fluids and proteins to leak out and remain trapped between cells.  Chronic lymphedema can occur after surgical procedures, inflammation in the region, congestive heart failure or kidney issues. 

Most conventional treatments include:
1) Elevation of extremity above the heart
2) Compression techniques (bandages, fitted garments)
3) Manual techniques (massage, compression)

Advantages of Low Level Laser Therapy for Lymphedema
- circulation is enhanced
- reduces fluid retention
- painless treatment that reduces discoloration
- heals skin infections


  1. Lymphedema can be treated through various methods. You can also choose natural remedies for the condition.

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  2. Drugs are not usually used to treat lymphedema. Medications are only used to control the swelling caused by lymphedema. Antibiotics may be used to treat and prevent infections.


  3. No extensive studies have been conducted to show the correlation of lymphedema and obesity. However, it is known that obesity often worsens the symptoms of already existing lymphedema. One approach in lymphedema management is following a low-salt, low-fat diet that also contributes to weight control.

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