Thursday, March 10, 2011

Licensed Naturopathic Physicians obtain prescribing authority

In the Spring 2011 issue of Integrated Healthcare Practitioners, Dr. Christoph Kind, ND wrote an article on the landmark Advancements in British Columbia Healthcare.

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A summary of the article:

- In the fall of 2010, licensed naturopathic physicians, who chose to obtain prescribing authority, were granted access to a wide range of therapeutics previously limited by prescription.

- ND's have been licensed as physicians since 1923 in BC

- A major stumbling block in 1990 occurred to the naturopathic profession when the NDP government initiated a practice review process of all health professions. This stalled all scope issues for a number of years and in the end almost derailed the profession

- Recently, the government began holding its "Conversation on Health Care" meetings across BC, and found that an overwhelming number of British Columbians wanted more access to complementary and preventative health care. 

- An appropriately certified naturopathic physician may now have full access to the natural medicines previously help behind locked doors, but used so safely and effectively in the past. 

" It reduces the existing burden on MD's while ensuring the provision of safe and effective primary healthcare in a measured fashion"

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